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Our creative crafters is a term-time activity & learning club for 7-12’s, designed to teach important life skills subconsciously through innovative art, design and craft projects. These classes will inspire children to be the creative problem solvers and innovators of tomorrow!



Our Creative Crafters is a term-time crafting and creating club for 7-12 -year-olds.

Every week a new, hands-on STEAM*-based craft project will be presented to our Creative Crafters, designed to teach important life skills subconsciously through creativity, innovation and crafting. With no right or wrong answer or method, the classes will encourage children to think outside of the box and find the most positive and enjoyable answer to complex specifications, helping them find their passion.
*(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Maths)

We guide our Creative Crafters through a journey which allows them space to think for themselves, boosts confidence and encourages them to express themselves through art and design.  We will provide them with a range of new activities and old favourites, re-imagined in a way that allows them to still be kids without them realising it.

We encourage a team spirit and positive environment where the children become eachothers cheerleaders, celebrating eachothers success and individuality through each session.  This 90min session allows enough time for practising each new skill we bring into the mix before having a crack at a managed project, where our staff will be on hand to inspire, advise and assist where required. We nurture their spontaneity and sense of wonder – and have a lot of fun!

Over time, with our gentle guidance, our Creative Crafters will learn to problem-solve in a way that plays to their strengths, giving them increased self-confidence, patience, and a space to safely find their own individuality and styles. These classes will inspire children to be the creative problem solvers and innovators of tomorrow!

The session duration is 90 minutes and children will be provided with a biscuit and juice break halfway through.

To give you a chance to see if your child enjoys our craft clubs (we know they will) you can book per session for our current term – going forwards places will be allocated per term only.

Parents are welcome to stay and enjoy our choice of snacks, beverages, and free WiFi if desired but this is not necessary.

Autumn Term Dates Winter Term Dates
14/09/2021 09/11/2021
21/09/2021 16/11/2021
28/09/2021 23/11/2021
05/10/2021 30/11/2021
12/10/2021 07/12/2021
19/10/2021 14/12/2021

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Tuesday 21 September, Tuesday 28 September, Tuesday 05 October, Tuesday 12 October, Tuesday 19 October, Full Winter Term


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