Crafty Cat Play Cafe

Becoming a mum is amazing and can be the most magical time as you watch your precious new bundle grow. It can also be a very lonely time. Babies are not great conversationalists and I remember as a new mum, wandering aimlessly around the supermarket, just for some human contact and to get away from the same four walls.  

I went to baby groups but found it hard to build friendships within that environment – everyone else seemed to either already have relationships, or we only had time to do the activity, then we were ushered off home. I just wanted someone to have a cuppa and a chat with! 

I thought I was the only person feeling that way. I was wrong.  

Now my children are older, and I reflect back on that time, I can see that I found it much lonelier than I ever told anyone, even myself. I can see now that I felt stupid for feeling lonely and that I should just get on with it.  I have a loving husband, family and friends, so how can I be lonely? But I was. What I really needed was other new mum’s in the same boat, away from structured activities, with time just to sit, reflect and enjoy being around each other. 

I now am blessed with the opportunity to speak to other mums on a daily basis, with children of all ages and I am honest with them about my experience as a new mum, and guess what – they all felt the same – but no one talks about it! They too felt that they would be judged for finding being a new mum challenging – and sometimes actually really boring! Your whole world is turned on it’s head. Relationship dynamics change, and you become this whole new person, with a tiny life relying on you to keep them alive, nourish them and keep them safe – that’s quite a responsibility! Sometimes you just need to get out of the house, have an actual hot cup of tea, a sweet treat and to chat to other people who are feeling just the same as you. 

My mission is to give mums and mums to be, the opportunity to do just that. To build new friendships with people at the same stage of parenting as you. To find your tribe. To support each other, be each other’s cheer leaders and shoulder to cry on.  

Does this sound like something you would love to be a part of? The chance to surround yourself with love and support every week and the chance to forge friendships that could last a lifetime? 

Then come and join us! The groups will have a maximum 6 mums (or mums to be) so you get the chance to bond as a small group and can all chat together. Each group will commit to meet once a week at the cafe for 4 weeks, alongside being in a What’s App group together, for support and chat when you are not face to face. You may decide to meet more than once a week – perhaps a walk in the park or meet for lunch? It is entirely up to you.  

Our hope is to build a strong and supportive community for new mum’s, that no one needs to feel lonely, or judged, or on their own. You are not. We are here, and we give great hugs! 

We also have a network of professionals at our disposal. Struggling with breast feeding? Let us find you someone to chat to. Want to get back to doing exercise? We can help! 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this started and be stronger together.