We LOVE parties here at Crafty Cat!!

We have different craft and play parties with something for everyone, however, if you can’t see anything you like, just get in touch and we will happily build a bespoke package for you.

All our parties include the following;

  • Exclusive use of the venue
  • Mini Disco – The birthday child can bring their own playlist on a phone, or we can take requests.
  • Party Games – We can play a range of party games appropriate to the age range of the children.
  • Selfie area – too cool for party games? Why not have fun in our selfie area instead?
  • Unlimited Juice

Please note – at least one parent or guardian per party must remain on site at all times. All parents are welcome to stay and enjoy our hospitality if they wish.

Our parties are held on a Saturday at 11am and 3pm. Parties can also be held on week nights after school (please contact us to reserve week night dates) Dates can be reserved for just a £30 deposit.

Price per Package – £150 for 8 children, £8.50 per extra child

Minimum Children 8, Maximum children 15

Why not add any of the following VIP upgrades to your party?

  • Party Buffet – £2.95 per child
  • Party Bags
    • Bag A – Fidget puzzle, Rainbow lolly or haribo sweets, Puzzle snake, 2x stretchy snake/ dino, Bubbles, Party bag toy – £2.50 each
    • Bag B – Rainbow lolly or haribo sweets, Keyring pop it, Puzzle snake, Bubbles, Slime or glitter putty, Fun snaps, Party bag toy – £3.50 each
    • Bag C – Rainbow lolly or haribo sweets, Zip bracelet, Slime thrower, Fun snaps, Simple dimple, Bubbles, Slime or glitter putty, Rainbow pop it( circle or square), Party bag toy – £5 each

Party Packages

Kids LOVE SLIME and we love making it!

This marvelously messy party encourages kids to get stuck -in, get a bit sticky (don’t worry, the slime soon becomes easy to handle, hands will be washed and aprons will be worn), and create their own super fun slime!

Kids can choose a colour for their slime, and choose from a fun selection of glitters, sprinkles and coloured poly balls to make a unique slime.

The party includes plenty of time to mess and play with the slime – who can make the biggest bubble with theirs? Who’s stretches the furthest?

Children will take their slime home is a sealed bag – perfect for storage and playing without mess.

Ages 5+

Create a fabulous Flying Unicorn or Dragon!

(children can choose which one they would like to do), decorate with paints, pens, glitter, sequins and a whole host of other crafty items.

Children are in control of colour and style – they can really use their imaginations!

At the end of the party, the kids will take home their creations – to play with, or proudly hang up in their bedroom.

Ages 5+

Kids love using Foam Clay to decorate our figurines!

Why do we use Foam Clay?

  • Is easy and flexible, perfect for modeling, and children love the sensory texture.
  • It sticks to the pottery without staying on your hands and dries at room temperature – NO MESS!
  • It does not stain or otherwise leave marks making it perfect for parties where children may be wearing their best clothes.
  • Simply push small amounts of the clay onto the figures using your fingers – perfect for ages 5+ to work with independently or for under 5’s with adult supervision.

Ages 5+

Build a super cool den!!

Using our easy build system, kids can use their imaginations to design and build a den – there will then be plenty of free play time to enjoy the den.  Will your den be a knights castle, a fairy castle, a rocket to blast you to outer space – or something else entirely?!

We can play our party games inside the den, and even have a disco and party food inside too!

Ages 6+ Maximum 8 children

Create a Masterpiece!

This fun and relaxed party allows children to create their own work of art.

Children can follow our step by step guidance and choose from lots of different designs, or they can embrace their inner artist and create their own design. 

The Children can then choose from a wide range of materials to complete their picture – watercolours, pens, colouring pencils, oil crayons, pastel, collage and more!

Ages 7+

Model three different wind up toys – what you make is up to you!

Use super soft Silk Clay to sculpt and create your very own wind up toys. Each of the bases does a different thing – ‘pull back and go’, walking, and crazy circles. Each child can follow a set theme eg, Harry Potter, Monsters etc, or they can do their own thing! 

Once created, the children will have free play time to enjoy their toys, have races enjoy each others creations.

At the end of the party, the toys can be taken home and played with again and again.

Ages 7+