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A Crafty Christmas

Published by Crafty Cat Events on

Lucy and her family purchased a number of our foam craft kits from us to make at home over the Christmas lockdown period to keep the children busy.

She has kindly provided us with the below reviews and videos of their experiences:

We bought a number of the ceramics from Deliciously Crafty as they seemed to be a great option for a mixed ability group. Our 6 and 7-year-olds loved this activity nearly as much as their dad did!

The foam paint was really unusual. It’s kind of like polystyrene balls with paint in between. It feels really spongey and it sticks easily to the ceramic but somehow makes no mess. There was no colour on the boy’s hands whatsoever, it’s not sticky and doesn’t leave a residue at all. Everything you need is included within the kit so no mad search for paintbrushes and I thought the trays were really handy for our 7yr old who did have a little painting to do. It gave them a little safe and tidy space to sit their masterpiece whilst at work.

The boys had no trouble decorating their animals although they did ask for a little help smoothing out here and there at the end, however, they’d have managed this without us around.

It lasted the boys well over an hour so it was a really pleasant and worthwhile activity. The boys (Dad included) are all thrilled with their creations and are keen to do more in the future.


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