Introducing our brand new term time Craft Clubs, for children who love to learn through exploration and play.

Now taking ‘pay as you go’ bookings!

Our amazing STEAM based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Maths) focused classes help your children learn complex theories and problems through play, self expression and exploration!

Whilst an adult needs to be present, you’ll be able to take a back seat and relax in our cafe bar with friends, family or on your own with a book, laptop or anything you fancy!

Crafting has so many benefits to children and we aim to show you some of those each session through the course of a term.

Places are extremely limited, so please be sure to book early to avoid disappointment. Learn more about each of our classes below.

Our Classes

Reserve one of our limited spaces on one of our fantastic term-time craft clubs!

Your children will thrive in so many different ways, whilst meeting new friends, learning more every session and growing in confidence and individuality.

Our sessions are fully managed so you can sit back and relax with a coffee and take advantage of our free WiFi (why not invite a friend for a catchup) whilst we take the children on an adventure of learning, creativity and fun!

Tiny Explorers

Our Tiny Explorers are aged 2-4 years old and they LOVE getting messy with us! What’s more is their parents love having a coffee in peace whilst their child is introduced to a whole new world through crafts, play and fun!

Little Adventurers

Our Little Adventurers are aged between 5 and 7 and they LOVE being able to create such complex things in such simple ways. Our classes broaden their imagination, boost their confidence and encourage individuality and exploration!

Creative Crafters

Our Creative Crafters are aged 7 to 12 and find fun in artistic expression! We get them using all sorts to solve complex problems with a range of fun and interesting new materials, methods and concepts. Watch their confidence soar, their self expression bloom and their minds working in each new session as they learn new things, make friends and have amazing fun!