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Curious Cats is more than just a craft session.  Bringing together children aged 7-12, we will work together to plan, execute and test a range of STEAM-based activities and projects. 

Our Curious Cats learn that failure is an important step in the process, learning to troubleshoot on the fly and gaining confidence as they go.  The Cats will need to work as a team to discuss ideas and to make them into a reality. 

Each week, the children will be given a problem to solve, and whilst we will give examples, they will have total creative freedom and big decisions to make regarding materials. 

They will need to work together, against the clock, to be ready for our end of session testing time.  Our team will be around, gently guiding the cats into testing throughout the process to help them find a way, even if it’s the long way round. 

And no matter the outcome, at the end of the session, the cats will be celebrated for what they have learnt.